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Piano lessons with Jessica Carnevale

Jessica Carnevale provides private piano lessons on-site and via Skype at the Rose City Piano Studio (formerly Rosewood) in Portland, OR. 

About Rose City Piano STudio

When you learn how to play piano, you have a gift that will last a lifetime.

When you learn how to play piano, you have a gift that will last a lifetime.

Who studies at Rose City Piano Studio?

Everyone. Beginners and experienced pianists. Students of diverse backgrounds and all ages study at Rose City Piano Studio to build a foundation in strong piano technique, better practice habits, gain fluency in music theory, ear-training, and to sharpen their sight-reading skills. The new Distance Learning Program improves accessibility to piano lessons for students around the world.

While some students at Rose City Piano Studio may have arrived with little or no musical background, others have been playing for years. They seek the eyes and ears of a teacher who can offer accountability, objective feedback, new insights into their music, and even technical rehabilitation to overcome a plateau.

Profound solace and a sense of accomplishment come with learning to play the piano. The discipline required to gain mastery over an instrument begins with mastery of oneself. These are compelling enough reasons for some students to schedule their first lesson.

Friends, siblings, and couples turn lesson night into date night, learning to play duets in a laid-back, laughter-filled setting. 

Others arrive wanting to surprise their loved ones with a performance of their favorite pieces.

Everyone is different, and everyone is welcome.

Let Jessica know where you'd like your music to take you.

Even experienced pianists might have longstanding habits that prevent them from playing at their best.  Photo by  ian dooley  on  Unsplash

Even experienced pianists might have longstanding habits that prevent them from playing at their best.

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

What teaching method does Jessica use?

The best methods prioritize injury-free technique in addition to powerful performance. One need not ever be sacrificed for the other.

If you've played an instrument, you may recognize the "plateau" that was referenced earlier; it is a lull during which many students feel that they're not making progress.

"I lost interest," or "I just wasn't talented enough" are common refrains. Gradually, they stopped playing, or else their redoubled efforts resulted in injury that forced them to give up piano altogether.

The key to getting past that plateau?

Often, a strong technical foundation.

This is not simply a problem faced by "amateurs." In 2017, a pianist of great renown suffered what was almost certainly a preventable injury, forcing him to suspend all performances indefinitely. Unfortunately, poor technique can be a silent scourge in this way. Its worst consequences may not show up until years after someone has been playing piano, though there are often indications that get brushed aside early on. 

Re-evaluating and rehabilitating technique will not only help prevent irreversible damage that can be done to the delicate tendons of the hand, but often advance the pianist, bringing pieces they once thought nearly impossible within reach.

Play the music you enjoy with greater ease, and you'll enjoy playing even more.

It's just that simple.

The best methods are informed by insight not only into the music and the instrument, but human anatomy and physiology. Jessica applies these insights to help people play the music they love while developing a healthy, sustainable technique at the piano that will make playing look and feel virtually effortless.

For more about Jessica Carnevale and her teaching philosophy, head over to the Teacher Bio.


History of Rose City Piano Studio

Rose City Piano Studio was originally founded by Jessica Carnevale in sunny Tucson, Arizona. For well over a decade it was known as Rosewood Piano Studio. It was a family of incredible music students who often shared their music with the community through events sponsored by the local teacher's organization. 

In late 2016, Jessica relocated to the "City of Roses." The evolution from Rosewood Piano Studio to Rose City Piano Studio seemed only natural. Though it now bears Portland's affectionate nickname, the doors to Rose City Piano Studio are now open to dedicated piano students all over the world.

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